Friday, December 18, 2009


Philly? At home? Really?

I hang this one on 'Sheed. He was putting on an absolute clinic on the suspect interior defense of the 76ers.

Then the refs got involved.

Yes, two of the three personal fouls were absolute bull shit. But, he's gotta start accepting this is the way things are gonna be. He is being targeted. A grown man would deal with the situation, move on, and use his considerable talents to help the team.

'Sheed has been playing great lately. Going inside on offense instead of drifting around the 3 Point line every second. Playing really solid defense to be a great complement to the two headed defense monster of Perk and Garnett.

But come the fuck on. Calm down dude. You are supposed to be a great teammate in the locker room and I'm sure that's true. Be a great teammate on the court. Enough is enough. You are in double digit T's, which means automatic suspensions are right around the corner. It's not even halfway through the season yet.

I was against signing 'Sheed from the get go. Not because of the temper. Because you don't give a 35 year old man a 3 year deal. I have to admit that since he has started playing more like a 7 footer, I've been pleasantly surprised. But the temper is annoying and it hurts the team.

'Sheed: You are a 35 year old grown ass man. Start acting like it. That way we don't have to put up with ridiculous occurrences like losing to the awful Philadelphia 76ers.

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  1. Haha, funny.

    You should see if you can get something on the side bar that has each Boston team's record or their upcoming games. Or a combination of both.

    See if there is something that you don't have to manually update.