Thursday, January 19, 2012

NFL Ramblings

Some random thoughts around the NFL as we warm up for Conference Championship Weekend.

  • Get ready for one of these story lines to be on constant repeat following Sunday's games:
  1. The Rematches: If the Giants win we'll have a Super Bowl rematch either way - one of which we're not allowed to talk about here.
  2. The Brothers: This one was already covered enough Thanksgiving night, but yes, we know, Jim & John Harbaugh are brothers.
  3. The Boyhood Idol: Hopefully the one we get to hear. Tom Brady grew up as a 49ers fan in the Bay Area, idolizing Joe Montana. Now he faces Montana's former team to try and tie his record of 4 Super Bowl rings.
  • When Mikhail Prokhorov bought the New Jersey Nets, Bill Simmons dubbed him "Mutant Russian Mark Cuban", because of how loaded he is and how he loves to toss his money around. After listening to a recent interview with MJD, it seems we may need a nickname for the Jags new owner, Shahid Khan. Jones-Drew put it best - have you seen his boat? I thought I was hot stuff when my dad bought a 22' boat last year; Khan's boat, the Kistmet, jusssst nudges by ours at 223'. So what do we call him? Pakistani NFL Mark Cuban?
  • I didn't get to see the Saints vs. San Fran game last weekend because I was in Foxboro, but from what I hear it was one for the ages - and the 9ers D looked lethal. I'm can't wait to watch it on NFL replay.
  • Gillette has been (fairly) criticized over the years for not being very loud, but Saturday night was about as loud as I've ever heard it. From the moment we walked in you could feel the energy, and it didn't let up until the game was over. The seats were shaking and no one sat for all 4 quarters. Here's hoping Sunday's crowd will bring the same enthusiasm.
  • Of all of the nonsense penalties that exist in the NFL, why isn't there one for all of the injuries that the Broncos were faking as a feeble attempt to slow down the Pats hurry up offense?
  • Mel Kiper usually gets about 4 out of 32 picks correct in his mock drafts, so why must he start putting them out already, before the season is even over?
  • Great to see the Pats will have 4 honorary game captains from the '96 AFC Championship team on Sunday. Troy Brown, Bruschi and Ty Law were all obvious picks, and I was hoping to see Lefty McGinest but you can't argue with the selection of Bledsoe. Should get the crowd rocking (not that we'll need much motivation).
  • Glad to see Philbin got the head coaching job in Miami. Hopefully some welcomed news after a rough few weeks for their family.

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