Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Monster

This is how I have chosen to dub our new defense this year. Bitch about the downgrade in offense all you want (even though we were third in runs scored last year and have upgraded the catcher and shortstop positions and have only taken a hit in left), but bow in fear/honor of the Monster.

The Monster will swallow you up whole. It will make you confront your past. It will put you before God herself lest ye be worthy (I don't know what I just said, I don't do theology).

This offseason the Red Sox have completely remade themselves. Bringing in three defensive wizards in Scutaro (if he's healthy), Cameron, and Beltre will make opposing offenses, yes even the f'n Yankees, quiver and perhaps elicit fecal discharge.

The team now boasts 7 above average defenders and potentially 6 gold glovers with JD being the worst of the bunch. Holy. Shit. And with the decision (finally) today that Ellsbury will be manning left, I just don't see how you can get a hit in on this team. We have a shortstop at 3rd, a 3rd baseman at 1st and a CF in LF.

And best of all? Say it with me... SHORT...TERM...COMMITMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of our three new offensive additions, none is signed beyond 2 years. And next year the old guard come off the books in Ortiz, Tek, and Lowell. Freeing up about 27 million in cash.

Hmmm...who would look good sporting a new $27M contract and the Sunday Red Jerseys????

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