Thursday, January 28, 2010


No, these are not new texting abbreviations (Oh Really Loser, Ain't That Luscious , Laugh Asshole Laugh).  Those are the Celtics opponents tonight (in progress, where although we are winning, my best friend Paul Pierce is looking horribly slow and out of position), tomorrow, and Sunday (and with good measure, even though they suck, Washington on Monday).

For any team 4 games in 5 days is tough.  For any team playing three consecutive games against 3 of the best 6 teams in basketball is especially tough.  And for an older team with 2 of our best players (Pierce and KG) clearly not 100%, holy shit.  If we go 2-2 in this stretch I'll be piss my pants ecstatic.  I'm predicting 1-3 though.

By the way, Glen Davis/Big Baby/Stupid-Chad-Johnson-copy-nickname-that-isn't-f'ing-real-Spanish is terrible.

Oh and double by the way, Sheed got another tech, although this one was for saying and one after a shot.  I've been hard on him this year, but give a brother a break!

Oh and triple by the way, Scal is back (vomit).  And bald (hide the children).  He looks kinda like my cousin now when he shaves his head.

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