Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Beltre: Do I have a new man crush? I think I may

Still need proof that Beltre was a great signing?

Reading Rob Neyer's Sweet Spot Blog this week and I came across this little video of Adrian Beltre's defensive highlight real (h/t to

Sweet sassy molassy.

Look at the ground he covers. Look how far he plays off the bag. Look at his arm angle and action. Look how he hums that pea.

The X Dad had a big man crush on Alex Gonzalez when he played shortstop for the Sox, saying he has never seen anyone play shortstop like this before. Well, I'm no betting man but I think he may be redirecting his Valentine's Day cards to Adrian in no time.

The benefits that he is gonna provide to this defense are unfathomable. He plays off the line but makes every play to his right. He swallows up screaming liners. He's going to cover up for VMart and Tek's defensive deficiencies on any bunt to the third base side. He fields ground balls that are routine plays for the shortstop, which is going to free Scutaro up to play more up the middle. And how about the effect he is going to have on head case Clay Buccholz when he puts a man on base, allowing him to think he can actually throw strikes and pitch to contact.

This man was placed on this Earth to play defense and steal my heart. I feel like a school boy again.

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