Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello New Friend: The Red Sox Offseason Preview

Real quick post. I am going to write about the Red Sox’s biggest needs this offseason over the next week or so (hopefully they don’t sign anybody before my lazy ass gets these posts out). I am not writing these in order of biggest needs; I think it is clear that pitching is number 1 and then everything else is more of a want than a big need. I will do a position per post and in it I will talk about the options on the free agent market, trade market, and internal options. As a quick preview, here are the positions of need as I see them (nothing ground breaking, just giving you a heads up):

Starting pitching
Right Field
Third Base

You’ll notice short stop and manager are missing. I think short stop will be perfectly average this year with Marco Scutaro, Jed Lowrie, Mike Aviles, and (later) Jose Iglesias (does anybody else keep wanting to call him Julio?) around so this is not a need. For the manager, there are just too many candidates and we don’t know what the team is looking for or, really, what even makes a good manager so this would just lead to baseless speculation. I think a manager has limited effect over a team’s success anyway (unless they tinker too much cough Ron Washington cough) so I’m not going to waste your time or mine.

Since I’m still depressed about the September pitching, I’ll save the starters for last. Just know that you will not read the words "chicken" or "beer" in a post about pitching unless I am comparing the staff to my favorite Budweiser products or Chick Fil A menu items. Time to get over that ridiculousness.

Up first I’ll look at right field. Stay tuned…

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