Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quick Hit thoughts for Game 5 vs. New York Jets

I'm hungover, recovering from a wedding, have a cold and little to no interest in writing. But it's the Jets, so I have to get some thoughts out there.
  • No Jerod Mayo. Waaaaahh. Replacing Mayo with Gary Guyton is like going from dating Anna Kournikova to Serena Williams.
  • As of now it looks like Hernandez, Haynesworth and Chung will all be playing today. Obviously Chung is the most important of these because we have nothing else even resembling another safety; but boy is it nice to have Hernandez back. He adds such another dimension to the offense, and after the balanced rushing attack the Pats displayed last week, his return should get them back to good old unstoppable form.
  • Should be interesting to see how the Jets match up with the Patriots offense. It seems natural to assume that they'll move Revis inside to cover Welker (aka the current best receiver in the NFL), however, they like to keep Revis outside so this marquee match-up may be one we don't get to see much of.
  • Antonio Cromartie is one of the single most over rated players in the NFL. Please watch how many defensive holding penalties he gets away with today and how many tackles he shies away from. Of all the loathsome players on the Jets, I think I hate him the most. Second most is Cheddar Burress. God do I hate him too. Then Eric Smith and Sanchez.
  • Will rookie Stevan Ridley continue to see an increase in his carries after his solid week last week, or will Benny be the featured back? Regardless who it is, the Pats should be focusing on another balanced offensive attack today (30 rushes/30 passes last week) considering the Jets are giving up over 180 yards per game on the ground - not to mention their league leading pass D.
  • The health of NYJ Center Nick Mangold will be one of the key to the game. Mangold is by far and away the best Center in the NFL, and if he misses the game that is a huge advantage to the Pats. Take a nice day off Nick, you deserve it.
  • Sanchez has looked like a JV QB so far this season. If anyone can turn that around, it's the Patriots pass defense - so today will be a good test for both.
  • Due to Sanchez's struggles, Rex has been talking about getting back to their "ground and pound" approach, so the Pat's run D will have to set the tone today.
  • Lets hope Shaun Ellis took some notes from Richard Seymour last week on how not to perform when facing your old team for the first time.
  • If Woodhead is out, could it be time for Shane Vareen to make an appearance in the 3rd down back role?
  • The pass rush has been alllllmost getting there for a few weeks now. Today would be a great time for them to close the gap.
  • Prediction: New England 28 - New York 20

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