Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hastily Put Together Last Minute Draft Thoughts

I wanted to put together previews for all positions, but just didn’t have enough time so here are some quick thoughts for tonight:
- First and foremost be ready for the Pats to trade. A lot. Just read this. There is a negative percent chance that they’ll make both picks in their assigned spots. I expect the Pats to only make one pick tonight, moving the other one either into a combo of picks in the later rounds, next years draft, or most likely – both. When a player you’re hoping for starts to fall down the draft and the Pats are about to be on the clock – don’t get excited and think they’ll pick him. They won’t. They’ll trade back. Be like a Buddhist Monk, just wait and wait and wait some more.
- Whenever the Patriots make a pick tonight, it will be a Defensive Player. If they somehow make two, the other will be an offensive lineman.
- I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the Pats possibly taking Ingram or Locker. That’s just silly. C’mon people. Ingram wasn’t even the best RB on his own team last year, and why would they waste a pick on a guy who (hopefully) wouldn’t play for 5+ years in Locker. Also, Lockers’ biggest knock is accuracy – only the 2nd most important trait the Pats look for in their QB’s.
- The “We Want Football!!” chants Goodell came out to were awesome. I hope he gets booed all night.
- The earlier the run on QB’s the better. It only gives more value to the picks that Belichick will inevitably be trading.
- Read the following links for position projections. They’re done by Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports, and he does an excellent job. He highlights many of the players I planned on talking about, and his intro in the “Guards” preview is spot on:
- If the Pats were to pick in their two spots (which won’t happen), I would say OT Nate Solder at #17 and DE Cameron Heyward at #28.
- Don’t get frustrated. Remember that you are watching one of the all time greats at working the draft. Enjoy it.

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