Friday, April 8, 2011

We Have Been Here Before

On what was supposed to be a momentous day, the first day for Sox Nation to see our shiny new toys, the Olde Town Team is mired in an 0-6 start to the season. Fingernails have been chewed to the bone. Therapists (wow I think that is the first time I have truly noticed that word spelled out) have been over booked. Buttholes have been tightened to the point that the stock price of Ex-Lax has nearly tripled in just one week. And to top it all off, we have our rivals coming into town looking to flip that 6 upside down come Sunday night.

The Yankees were supposed to be the team struggling. The Yankees were supposed to be the team in turmoil. The Yankees were supposed to play second fiddle this year. This was supposed to be our year. The year we could cruise straight through to the World Series and have the dream Game 1 matchup of Lester and Halladay.

But this is Boston. When have we ever had things easy? When have we ever been without rival, disaster or despair? Fortunately, in the last 7 years we have thrived on disaster. We have taken it out for a nice steak dinner and never called it again. We can do disaster. And for those who forget this and think that you can count Boston out because of a little bit of adversity, see the video below and remember the last time we were winless and hopeless.

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